Battle of Jakku, set 29 years before the events of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, comes with a new map on Jakku and a 40-player mode called Turning Point.

Star Wars Battlefront is a bit of a hot mess. I mean, I love it, but that’s only when I can get into a game. In terms of connecting to matches, DICE’s reboot of the popular Battlefront franchise leaves a lot to be desired. There’s zero transparency as to how many people are playing in particular modes, which makes finding a game a crap shoot.

The smaller modes seem to suffer the most, which doesn’t matter as much to me because I actually enjoy Supremacy and Walker Assault (in that order) more than the other modes. That said, some of Battlefront’s smaller modes are fantastic in short bursts, but it’s so hard to find a server—let alone a server populated enough to allow the game to start with the minimum players.

As for the Battle of Jakku content, it’s a hell of a lot of fun. As the name suggests, the free-to-download content adds the Jakku planet to the map rotation, which you’ll see a lot more of when The Force Awakens hits cinemas next week. Initially, I was worried that Jakku would be too much like Tatooine: just another desert planet in the Star Wars universe.

But DICE has done a fantastic job of making Jakku feel distinct from its other sandy counterpart.

Check out the gameplay below

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