Nintendo Has Filed A Patent For The Most Insane Controller Man Has Seen

Ever since it was teased earlier this year, fans have been speculating about what Nintendo’s NX console could look like; now, thanks to a recent patent from the Big N, we might finally have our first glimpse at the NX’s controller. A patent filed by Nintendo back in June was officially published on the US Patent and Trademark Office’s website yesterday that depicts an oblong touch-screen controller that looks much like a cross between the Wii U GamePad and Pro Controller.

The patent’s description states that there are two holes in the display for control sticks, but it appears to forgo traditional buttons in favor of virtual buttons that are operated on the touchscreen. However, the patent is merely an early design, and it could be updated later to include traditional buttons or other features—not to mention that tech companies file patents all the time with no intention of using them.

You can check out Nintendo’s illustration of the device, as well as a mock-up of the device by Joe Gray, in the gallery below.


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